Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night

Fan line to get players autographs

Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Night

Nashville SC held a season ticket holder appreciation event at The Band Box inside First Tennessee Park last night October 2, 2019. Every single player on the roster was at the event where team poster were handed out to get signed. You can see line to get autographs with the guitar scoreboard saying “Thank You” in the background. Players signed in two shifts and spent the rest of the two hour event mixing with fans and teammates. Basketball was popular for the players and fans. As was ping pong. I saw both Lebo Moloto and Ropapa Mensah playing with kids. One adult beverage and free sodas were provided along with food. Personally sampled the pizza bites only, but there was enough to make it dinner for sure.

The club can point to events like this when asked what are the benefits of being a season ticket holder. Hopefully, it is something that can continue in MLS, though getting every player to a meet and greet is not likely. That said, player access has been something the club has been good at from day one. A great way to connect fans to the club is to tell the players personal stories. This can be done in a variety of ways with face to face interaction being one of the best.

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