Tailgate Thank You and Thoughts

Nashville SC defeated Indy Eleven last night 2-0 with goals by Rios (of course) and Winn. This post is about everything other than the match. I have to start by thanking Hattie B’s for making it so delicious. Everyone loves those tenders. Also, thanks to Donna Pack for bringing a group of kids from NICE to hang and watch with us. Mentioning the Assembly’s shot ski led me to trying to explain what a ski was to one inquisitive boy. The looks of amazement on his face still had me smiling this morning. The location was perfect as the line of trees provided plenty of shade and it was just across the street from both the NSC fan zone and Roadies game area which I’ll get into in a minute. I also want to thank everyone that came by the tailgate. Even Speedway Soccer’s own @NCAMookie who grabbed a beer while on his way. He can verify that the selection was great. I’m not sure what tailgates will look like for the October match at Nissan or next year in MLS. Please let us know what you liked and didn’t like.

The Roadies (and Assembly) tailgate was better than the NSC fan zone. Not surprising. That shaded line of grass is perfect for warm/hot days. Didn’t have to think about sunscreen and you really don’t need many tents. I think Marquis Munson summed up what the Roadies were doing well perfectly. It did have an SEC tailgate feel. At least that long row of grass did. This of course, is a great thing. I’m hoping that is something that doesn’t change and just gets bigger. I’m not sure where Eastern Front setup, but their pictures make me realize our group needs to find a real chef/grillmaster. I went by the Music City Heaters setup briefly. I know the White Claw keeps you cool, but join us in the shade next time!

So what’s the deal with NSC fan zone going forward? Did you like it? How many people used the video game truck or photo booth? I was busy running the MCS tailgate so I didn’t even go inside. Was there face painting by chance? That would be a cool and simple addition.

Attendance wasn’t great. I thought the low ticket prices, good weather and Saturday night would lead to 20K. I was way off as the announced crowd was 13,049. I understand it isn’t the MLS team yet, but those tickets are going to cost a lot more. Perhaps I expected too much, but they are building a 30,000 seat stadium right?

11 year old boy last night had a sick look as he sat in chair. I asked what was wrong and he basically said he shouldn’t have gone for the 4th piece of chicken. Thanks again Hattie B’s

And as always, these are my opinions and subject to change. I don’t speak for Greg, Theo or anyone else with MCS. This is just what was going through my mind the morning after.

Oh, other photos from the tailgate can be found on our Facebook Page here.

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